Uber for your LAUNDRY

Uber for your LAUNDRY

12:32 30 November in Review

Families may soon consider letting out their washing machines to fulfil their financial obligations efficiently, faster and effectively through an Uber-design technology.

Household appliance brand Electrolux have conceptualized a smart technology that will enable interested people to modernize the role of a ‘washerwoman’ and to comfortably pay their bills. The technological advancement on kitchen appliances and related facilities through web and smartphone applications will no doubt revolutionize the industry.

The concept is designed to allow families to book a timing in the machine operating hours through a customized timetable that will provide time schedules. The timetable is easy to use and with a simple control of a smartphone, one can easily book a time slot for the laundry.

Uber laundry will definitely come with other opportunities to make even more money or as complimentary jobs like ironing services. The practicality of the proposed technology App has been floated by a Chief Executive of the Swedish company, Jonas Samuelson, who is aggressively putting things in place to take over the smart appliances.

The most prospective home appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and TVs, along with heating systems and lighting will be controlled via a home hub, touchscreen or voice command upon the advancement of the proposed idea.

A good reference is the Amazon technology newly designed echo home hub and Alexa, a personal assistant with ability to speak and respond to answers. It can also take responsive instructions on how to control household devices.

Electrolux is dedicated to a flexible and yet a profit optimizing usefulness of household facilities such as dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and tumble dryers. The ultimate objective would be an efficient, workable and effective service provider for Laundry errands, which is anticipated to be embraced overwhelmingly.

It would appear that the Manufacturers are also looking for more convincing reasons for families to invest in the new often expensive smart appliances which, if workable, will increase their business prospects.

Uber-Laundry is not the first concept of a similar kind, Electrolux has previously designed an oven technology with a camera that sends photos directly to your phone. They have also designed air conditioners that can be controlled from a smartphone app. The company has advanced its ideas in developing a washing machine that softens the water to minimize damage of fragile fabrics.

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