Keurig Kold review: overpriced fizzy drinks

Keurig Kold review: overpriced fizzy drinks

13:02 10 February in Review

The creators of the $370 Keurig Kold system reveals that it is bound to revolutionize how you typically enjoy a cold drink in your comfort zone at home. This remarkable system has been born from the partnership between two big names- Coca-Cola and the giant perfect-coffee cup brewer Keurig. Together they make the right combination that will yield two significant things: The Keurig Kold will be making officially licensed Coke products, and the promise that it will allow you to come up with cold Coke and other softdrinks you crave for. Its unique carbonation system is unlike any other, such as in comparison to the SodaStream in partnership with Pepsi which happens to require a CO2 canister for producing those delightful bubbles. You can now break free from having to go to Target to get a new canister.

Set aside the price, the Keurig Kold concept is quite compelling especially if you are a lover of soda. However, it proves less attractive when you discover how bulky, loud and slow it actually is for taking about 90 seconds to produce a single 8oz glass! What’s even disappointing is soda drinkers who surely expect consistency and are particular about how their soda tastes cannot compare it to the canned or bottled versions, which may even be described as syrupy.
The drink pods cost about $5 for a pack of four of about 8-ounces per serving, which you’ve got to factor in with the steep price of the Kold unit itself, and of course, the soda you get which is more like New Coke rather than the Classic Coke.

Coffee Pod to Soda Pop

Keurig is widely recognized for its puck-shaped plastic containers that resemble coffee pods, and the Kold pods hold all you will need to create soda upon simply adding water. It’s as easy as opening the unit, dropping your pod, then hitting the button. Well, the big difference in the time you have to concoct your own soda becomes evident when thinking of how long it actually takes you to grab a can from your fridge, open it, and quickly drink from the can!

A Closer Look at Kold

The Keuig Kold is sizeable and noticeable enough as it stands out from supposedly colossal kitchen appliances like the Caso SousVide Center SV1000 and the SousVide Supreme. At a height of 17.5 inches and a width of 12 inches and depth of 19.25 inches, it’s really massive and unsurprisingly heavy weighing 23.7 pounds!

The exterior design is very similar to Keurig coffee pod brewers, where a rounded handle is set on the front face designed to be pulled for opening and closing a receptacle for Kold pods. At the left side of the soda maker is a 52-ounce water tank, and this huge reservoir can be removed and filled without any fuss with its detachable lid.

The control panel has a round button that activates the process once the unit is ready, while the LED light indicates the status of the machine through various attractive colors. Right under it would be the chiller gauge displaying the capacity and a water drop symbol that warns whenever it starts to dry out.

Watch Out for the Karbonator

The carbonated drink pods and the entire Keurig Kold system relies on a technology built to infuse fizz into your glass called the Karbonator beads. These are tiny pellets which are in essence bits of an unknown mineral that’s been industrially saturated with the substance CO2. When the material is exposed to moisture, it then releases molecules which results to super-fast carbonation.

Each of the live beads are packed with CO2 that are set free upon contact with water, hence must be handled with extreme caution and it’s best not to open the drink pods especially those not yet used to avoid exposure. Keurig confirms and advises that it can cause serious injury to the stomach when swallowed and may burn the tongue or mouth. Come to think of it, nobody really wants to worry about anything when they crave for soda, and all that matters is to be able to drink a very satisfying, hassle free drink!


The Keurig Kold is massive and heavy. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Overall Performance

Convenience remains the main reason why coffee brewers are sought after by many people today, such as Keurig coffee pods which are extremely satisfying! Sad to say, the same cannot be said with the Kold system.

A number of things determine this, for instance, the fact that you need to wait two hours for the chiller to cool down as part of the initial setup. Well, this is compensated by the ability of the Kold to make another cold drink within 90 seconds after refilling the reservoir with water, though you may have to rest after making 6 successive quick drinks.

The 90-second window may be insignificant, but to the person used to the swift 30 seconds a K-cup coffee can hit your mug, it sure is! Don’t forget to peel off the freshness seal found at the bottom of each pod prior to running it through your Kold system. Otherwise, the pod can be ruined, or you’ll end up with a glass of flat and cold water instead of your anticipated Coke.

The taste? If put alongside traditional soda drinks, there is a huge difference which cannot be ignored even by anyone who least likes drinking soda. Maybe people are just being fiercely loyal to their favorite brands, but still, a majority of people would quickly recognize the distinction in flavor.


The Keurig Kold system is indeed effortlessly convenient without the canisters and its drink-making quality amidst the sleek design remarkable aspects. However, the cost of the device and operating it still does not justify it, and disregarding the $370 cost of the appliance is still not enough if you have to pay an additional $5 for every 4-pack pod.

The high-price, added frustration of a humongous machine, its slow performance, and most importantly, being unable to meet the flavor and fizz you desire and expect like it tastes from bottled products, altogether sums up the Keurig Kold system as a machine that simply fell flat failing to yield the ideal outcome soda lovers want.

  • Mark 04:44h, 17 February Reply

    Never say it’s too expensive for good quality product. I like it a lot. Worth it product.

    • Dan 06:15h, 19 March Reply

      At last, somneoe who comes to the heart of it all

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