Amazon Fire TV 4K review

Amazon Fire TV 4K review

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Amazon products have been selling exponentially for the obvious reasons that include advanced cutting edge technology, enhanced ergonomic features, longevity, convenience and affordability. However, even the Kindle and Fire tablets could not outsell Amazon Fire TV 4K. It is definitely the fastest selling device or product of all time on Amazon. When compared in performance, only the Ultra HD (second generation) version can beat 4K. It is also only matched by Nvidia Shield’s Android TV in terms of output, although the Android TV comes at the expense of double the price. Nonetheless, there is much hype about the product so here is a detailed Amazon Fire TV 4K review describing its features, benefits and concerns.

Features and specifications review
As typical of any Fire TV the 4K comes with a set of trademark features as well as new enhancements. In order to effectively assess what you will get in this set, it is important to look at the specific areas/features as follows;
• Design – There is minimal difference between this device and preceding model in their design. It is still a flat mattle black TV box the size of a mug coaster. It’s less aesthetic color and design immediately tells you it was meant to be hidden behind the main display. At the rear side are the ports (HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 1.4 capable), an Ethernet socket and slots for USB and SD cards for memory expansion.


The new Amazon Fire TV supports 4K video, voice search and both Amazon Instant Video and Netflix with a slick interface.

The new Amazon Fire TV supports 4K video, voice search and both Amazon Instant Video and Netflix with a slick interface.

• The Amazon Fire TV-11 – This is an easy setup TV box to set up and does not require any technical knowledge to achieve success in connection. It also has two dual-band antennas (802.11ac) with inbuilt Wi-Fi. This gives it the bandwidth potential to stream 4K videos even when you have no LAN. Nonetheless, it is still advisable to have wired internet connection when streaming 4K videos, especially if you do not have a super powerful router. If that option is not available, simply bar down some bitrates at the start of streaming when it is catching and you will still be able to maintain desirable quality.

• Minimum requirements – Every TV box comes with a set of minimum requirements for successful connectivity. Amazon will recommend a minimum of 15Mbps to stream 4K videos and this can go up if your family has more devices frequently in use connecting to the internet. However, you can do with less if your plan is to stream HD videos only. HDCP 2.2 capable port is another minimum requirement for the Amazon Fire TV 4K. Most TV sets produced in the initial waves (about 20-24 months ago) lack the HDCP 2.2 port. You should read through manufacturer’s guidelines if you are considering an upgrade of your TV set. Nonetheless, you will only miss the 4K video playback if the set does not have a HDCP 2.2 HDMI port.

• Processor and performance – When after connection everything turns out well, then the 4K TVs are really a joy to have and stream movies. It uses the new MediaTek (quad-core) processor that runs two cores; one pair at 2GHz and the other at 1.6GHz. Its memory specs are 2GB RAM and 8GB hard disk on a powerful VR GX6250 600MHz graphics chip. You can always expand the 8GB using USB and SD ports found at the rear of the box. This in addition to enhanced resolution of 30fps gives you perfect quality. The only concern is when gamming or streaming high frame-rate videos. Nonetheless, the chip is quite powerful (offering better interface than Xbox and PlayStation). It is easier to use services from Netflix and BBC iPlayer without experiencing any disruptions.

• Support for apps, games and Netflix –Any Amazon Fire TV 4K review will tell you it is one of the few sets that offers both Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Although you can only subscribe to Netflix once you are subscribed to Amazon Prime Instant Video (due to the setup), it still offers you the variety when you do. Moreover, you can access dozens of downloadable apps and games from the newly included ITV Player, TV Player, plus Demand 5, Flixster and Plex among many others. Netflix is available on the user interface as an app. Most remaining third party apps you can download are games and while Amazon hyped anticipation over the gaming powers of the TV box on release, only a couple of games (like GTA, Crossy Roads and Vice City) have been interesting thus far.

• Amazon Prime – Like the preceding models, Amazon Fire 4K requires users to have the Prime account or subscribe to Amazon Prime Instant Video services. While direct purchases from the box are possible, it will be expensive in the long run. The simple menu design makes it easy to scroll through shows and movies that you can stream. There is sufficient content to compete any top TV streaming solution available in the market.

There are many other minor features you will enjoy in this TV box. However, it does come with a few areas of concern. The Amazon Fire TV 4K is not anywhere near being cheap. Its 39 movies only make the matter worse considering you have to spend an average of L20.00 for every extra movie you purchase. Even subscribers to the Amazon Prime services will feel the weight on their budget. Here are some of the pros and cons in brief;
– High quality 1080p movies from the Amazon X-ray tube and IDMB channel
– Amazing functionality inclusive of the powerful voice search feature
– Streams Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video movies
– Streams authorized HD content and plenty of movies
– Has low requirements

– Is significantly expensive
– Unsuitable for TV sets without HDCP 2.2 ports
– Netflix subscribers must first subscribe to Amazon Prime Instant Video

When looking for a TV box, variety, convenience, longevity, seamless connectivity and high quality are the top attributes to ensure. Apparently, the Amazon Fire 4K TV guarantees all these areas. It is perfect for anyone looking for a top-class TV set that has minimum requirements and streams 4K videos. You may need LAN connectivity to enjoy the full potential of the set but this is no huge constraint as Wi-Fi capability is still available. It is always advisable to purchase from credible licensed businesses that are allowed to offer original genuine quality within the area.

  • Stephanie 20:41h, 22 December Reply

    I was a netflix user for two years. Like most plpeoe I had great service at first, but eventually the rate at which I was getting movies slowed to a crawl. I was, perhaps, getting 3 movies a month. So I called them and complained. The first person I spoke to was extremely rude and defensive from the start. She demanded I provide proof that the service was actually slow. I explained I couldn’t provide proof other then the fact that I wasn’t getting movies soon enough ( I mean seriously . . . 3 a month?). She then lists all the movies I recieved and made excuses for each. By the end of this conversation I was even more pissed off then before I called. So I call again and demand to speak to a supervisor. Eventually I speak to someone else. Like Steve first they said the post office was the problem. I get first class mail all the time from my father (he sends letters the old way believe it or not). His letters travel from two states away and often I’ll get two or three letters before I ever see a new group of netflix movies. I pointed this out to them and this supervisor made some excuse about machines the post office uses being broken, that I should complain about this to the post office, and in order for netflix to look into the matter I’ll need to fill out some report and fax it to netflix. I told them I wasn’t going to do any such thing. I pay them money for a service which I don’t feel is worth the money. I’m complaining and they are asking me to fix it? The guy responds, We are looking for partners to fix this problem. I thought this whole thing was stupid, so I did nothing. The next day . . . the very next day . . . a new group of movies show up in the mail which I had been waiting 2 weeks for. I was given a month free . . . and guess how long it took for them to recieve and send the next group?It seems to me netflix is a business built on a model which can’t work considering the current economic conditions facing plpeoe. As long as netflix could work in the background of a person’s life, when a person isn’t paying attention to it, plpeoe thought the service was fine. $15 for movies through the mail? Why not. I mean even the ads on tv played up this in the background quality. Oh look netflix came in the mail! Like it’s some kind of gift you are not actually paying for. However as money got tight plpeoe started paying attention to the service more and look at what is happening? People who have spent years with this company are suddenly leaving. The customer service system they have in place is overwhelmed. They even offer cheap alternatives. Watching streaming video? Look if ABC can stream video without requiring me to download some program which I don’t want on my computer then way can’t netflix? Why would I want to sit in front of my computer to watch a movie anyway when I could sit in comfort in my living room? Netflix has done serious damage to themselves, or at least in my area. I don’t see many plpeoe using the service here anymore. A lot of plpeoe I meet who used the service now either buy cheap older films and/or watch on-demand video through their cable provider. Some plpeoe I know continue their service with netflix just to damage the disks and make everything more expensive for the company. Think about that . . . some plpeoe are so pissed off instead of ending the service they would rather destroy the service.

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