Grassroot Biotics – Automatic Home Cultivator

Grassroot Biotics – Automatic Home Cultivator

14:17 29 January in Products

Developed by Grassroots Biotics, “The Secret Garden: is an innovative automated cultivator that will function as a home grower for plants. What is so special and unique about it? Well, to answer those questions, we need to go a little deeper and explain the basic concepts of the product.

What are the main functions and purposes for the Secret Garden cultivator?

According to Grassroots Biotics, the “Secret Garden” cultivator will be a multi-purpose and highly versatile product. It will be capable to provide watering, lighting, and nutrition to plants. Additionally, this special cultivator will be equipped with a carbon filtration system which will clean the air around the plants and provide them with perfectly suitable “living” conditions.

Customization, the key concept behind The Secret Garden

“The Secret Garden” cultivator will differentiate itself from the competitors by adding a significantly higher level of customization. For example, customers will have the option to decide for themselves whether to have side panels installed to their products or not. This little detail can prove particularly useful because it will allow the plants to be viewed from a lot more angles, while also offering easier access to the plants for the tending process.

The lighting system incorporated will benefit from customization features as well (its auto-dimming system in particular). This will work at full power while the owners are not at home and provide the plants with all the necessary light. When owners get back home, the auto-dimming the system gets into power-efficiency mode. Customers won’t pay more than $2 at their electricity bill for the use of the auto-dimming system, according to Grassroots Biotics. Plus, the cultivator benefits from side lighting (great for the plants’ vegetative growth) and LED lighting (suited for the flowers and the fruit production).

When it comes to the watering system for the plants, The Secret Garden Cultivator offers different options too. The product will use self-watering methods with the aid of adjustable pots that will come in various shapes and sizes depending on the type of plants customers will prefer.

Another interesting addition: a mobile-app will help users supervise important aspects such as humidity and temperature levels inside the activator. In addition, the app will also inform users when the plants need more water or other nutrients.

The Secret Garden – 2 available models

There will be 2 product versions for people who will want to buy: the Sensible Model and the Secret Garden Model.
The basic edition of the product won’t feature side panel doors, while the top edition will have them installed and ready-to-be-used.

What do we know about Grassroots Biotics?

Grassroots Biotics is a company founded by Brian Hanna, who wanted to create a sustainable business that is both eco-friendly and versatile. “The Secret Garden Project” is an idea that took shape while Hanna was in his last year at college.
The automated cultivator is being launched through a Kickstarter campaign and costs $279 (the preorder price).

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