The most important programming languages in 2018

The most important programming languages in 2018

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Data for Research.
These findings are based on analyzing the thousands of jobs that required programming skills in each programming language. After analyzing the data obtained some programming languages have been found to be in demand while others have been found to have low job demands. Languages such as Ruby and Swift have lost their demand in the job market despite the fact that most developers love them while others such as Python have gained more demand than in other years. Below are some of the programming languages and techniques every developer should have a look at in 2018 in order to secure the upcoming development projects.

1. Java.
Java developers jobs have reduced the market by 6000 over the year 2017. Despite the decrease in the demand in the market, Java still leads to a higher demand than all the other languages. Java has been on the market for over 20 years now. Millions of developers are using Java to develop software. Java has gained popularity due to its ability to run in any hardware and operating system via the use of Java Virtual Machine. Android Apps are fully dependent on Java. Java has also been used by more than 500 companies as a server-side language for back-end development.

2. Python.
Python developers jobs have been more than all the other jobs in the market. Python has recorded an increase in demand by about 5000 as compared to 2017. Python is mainly used for web development and mapping systems. Python is also widely used in machine learning, data mining and in scientific computing. The rise in demand machine language developers has made it more popular Python more popular with many.

3. JavaScript.
JavaScript developers jobs have been the third jobs with higher demands. JavaScript seems for have maintained its demand in the market. JavaScript is mostly known as the scripting language used in client scripting and the grandfather of all the many programming languages. Javascript is used to make client-side in web browsers. JavaScript also enables you to create simple web games in a website. JavaScript is also used to make cross-plate form mobile application. More than 80 percent of developers and 95 percent of websites are using JavaScript.

4. C++.
C++ developers jobs have been the fourth among the most demanding developer’s jobs. C++ has recorded a very slight change in popularity from 2017 to date. C++ is an extension of C programming language. C++ has used in the development of high-speed browsers, games, drivers, MySQL scripting and also scripting the MRI machines. Many programmers have found C++ to be complex and therefore more difficult for them to use it as compared to others programming languages such as JavaScript and Python.

5. C#.
C# Developers jobs were the fifth among the high demanding jobs. Its demand this year has slightly reduced. C# in an Object Oriented Programming language by Microsoft that was designed to run Microsoft.NET. It makes development and faster than the previous Microsoft languages. To avoid unnecessary copying C# 7.2 was released in November this year. C# is mainly used in video games developments.

6. PHP.
PHP developers jobs have been the sixth among the higher demanding jobs in the market. PHP has improved in demand as compared to last year when it was position 9. PHP is mainly used in web development to add functions that are not supported by HTML and also to interact with MySQL databases.

The following software frameworks are not programming languages but every developer willing to learn new technology should have a look at them in 2018.

1. SQL.
SQL refers to a standard language query for storing, retrieving and manipulation of data in a database. SQL cannot be classified as a programming language as if lacks some characteristics of programming languages such as looping. SQL has registered 30,000 more job demands more than Java. If willing to learn new technology this should be your option.

2. .NET
It is a Microsoft’s platform for many developments such as desktop, mobile, gaming, and IoT. .NET is an open source and was released in 2016. .NET is used by Visual Basic, C# and F# programming languages.

3. Node.js.
Node.js is an open source runtime environment that enables Javascript codes to run on the server-side. It makes it possible for web developers to use more than one programming language in an entire web application.

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