Refrigerator Dream

Refrigerator Dream

15:53 05 January in blog

The first thought that comes in mind is to show the capability to keep you cold so that in the long run you can make sensible choices, when you dream for a fridge

It can also symbolise your need to maintain your, likely to slip away, goals and dreams.

You may not be dealing with such things instantly and leave them to tackle at the last moment. If you put off important things then you may not want to instantly deal with any kind of responsibility. If you put off the things for long time then it is like dealing with the things you have concealed behind your fridge.

There is possibility that you are feeling that you have tried to do something even if you have not done or lie to someone about something if you put bogus food in the fridge.

It can also be interpret that you have closed yourself to others or your cold personality. Then it can be suitable time to guard you down with someone you trust and love. On the other hand, if the fridge was wide open, it can also interpret your transparency with others.

You may have some tough but unhelpful feelings for someone in your waking life, if you have put old food in the fridge, which may not be worthy for all of your energy.

Someone may be trying to swindle you, if you were trapped in a fridge. It can be sensible to think hard and try to find out who has done it.

If your relationship has recently become cold with someone and you are consciously trying to warm it up again then it can be a commercial walk in fridge.

There is possibility for you to feel having most things abundantly and wealthy resources at present if your fridge is full.

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