5 Tips on Saving Time and Money through Electricity Conservation

5 Tips on Saving Time and Money through Electricity Conservation

19:43 11 September in blog

Did you know that wasting energy not only increases your utility bills but also contributes to the general climate change? Conservation of energy is a personal choice, and thus you shouldn’t waste electricity as winter winds down. Here are five top tips for saving time and money by avoiding electricity wastage. Read on to find out more.

1. Get a qualified electrician
It is usually difficult to tell how safe your home electrics are or rather how old they might be. In most times, electric fuse boxes are replaced without changing any wiring. Sometimes even the wiring that looks modern might not comply with the ever-changing regulations. In case you have a home building plan, you should consider getting a qualified electrician for electrics check and to avoid future rewiring that may cost thousands of pounds. It’s also advisable that these checks be done every ten years.

2. Avoid full rewiring
It is expensive and destructive to carry out a full rewiring which may not be necessary. Instead, the electrics may only need updating, e.g., changing light fittings, or moving or adding sockets. Such small jobs are less destructive as well as less expensive as compared to full rewiring. It’s worth noting that you should live in a new home before you decide to have it rewired so that you can decide at which location you need sockets and switches.

3. Invest in a silent extractor
Most dated bathrooms don’t have safe and practical electrics like an extractor fan. Extractors prevent mildew and mould because they remove moisture from the room. The extractors also extract smells and come on with ceiling lights, but they may be turned off separately. If you are among those who turn off their extractors because of their annoying noise, then you shouldn’t be having one. Thus, consider buying a silent extractor.

4. Use available cheap lighting alternatives.
In most homes, light switches for bathrooms are located outside the bathroom doors. This may not be an ideal position if, for instance, you want to put the lights on when you are in the bathroom and already naked. Thus, a pull cord can be a practical option for these homes, although it may seem traditional. Bathroom wall lights and illuminated mirrors can also be used as alternatives to ceiling lights, which can be for mood, soft lighting or task, bright lighting.

5. Get a government-approved competent person
It’s recommended that you get a government-approved electrician by checking their credentials and references. It’s sometimes possible for some electric work to be done legally and safely by DIY but it’s best to get a qualified electrician to do the job.

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