About us

electricAt Electrical Warehouse, we believe that a home is as good as the appliances in it. They make operations in a home much faster, safer and easier to carry out. From washing machine for all your laundry needs to digital cameras for keeping those precious memories intact, we believe you deserve the best appliances. This is why we take it upon ourselves to test them for you. By relying on us, you can be sure that the appliances you will have in your home are in the best possible condition and functionality. This however is not all we do. We strive to make positive changes to all important consumer issues.


At Electricals Warehouse, we have a great team dedicated to the job and delivering the best customer experience. Al l members are qualified in their various fields, do their work with passion and are honest in all ways. All customers who come to us are treated with respect while all their appliances are well taken care of. Be it a new feature or after-job care, you can trust us to offer you the very best.


Having doubts about whether we are the best? Do not just take our word for it; we have a satisfied clientele who can vouch for us. We actually have them to thank for our fast growth in UK’s electrical warehouse platform which has been made possible by word of mouth advertising by our satisfied customers.


At Electricals Warehouse, we are the bridge between you and the organizations you deal with in daily lives and strive to equalize your power. With our expert advice you make informed decisions on the appliances you purchase and so much more. We also hold campaigns to ensure you have a better life that is safer, simpler and fairer. With our services and products all your needs are well-taken care of as the consumer and ensure you get the best in terms of value. By relying on Warehouse Electricals, you are assured of a better life.